The Latest Guide Teaches You How to Tell Fake Supreme

As a microcosm of American street culture, Supreme has gradually gained more and more support because of its sincerity towards street culture. That has caused many sellers to see business opportunities, so the streetwear market has poured in a lot of fake Supreme. With genuine money to buy fakes, this situation is the most irritating and sad, even senior Supreme fans also will make mistakes.

Instead of asking people to help identify them everywhere, it is better to master some Supreme identification methods. I only pick up the costumes of the supreme box logo series, and other series can communicate with the supreme webmaster. (The pictures in the article are taken by the blogger unless otherwise stated, please do not reprint for profit.)


The tag has a fabric description, and its printing is dense and textured.

As shown below, the Supreme tee has a fabric description on the label, and the letters on the authentic supreme collar are printed and textured. And there is still a certain blank below the "size," and there is no such detail in the fake. The letter format of the authentic supreme size should be consistent with the supreme brand logo format, not only the right side is tilted, but the letters look more delicate. The letters of the fake goods are uneven, and the d blanks under the "size" are also narrow.

2. Washing tag

Washing tag has anti-counterfeit logo watermark, and its font spacing is small.

As shown below, the Washing tag indicates that there is a faint supreme watermark below, which can filter out most of the fake supreme. The spacing between the texts in the Washing tag is also small, and the fonts are very delicate.

3. Details of the Supreme logo

1. Box Logo Print

Authorized supreme letter features:

  • Full effect
  • Tilt to the right
  • The letter is the same as the letter spacing

Fake supreme:

  • Irregular
  • Different intervals
  • Uneven thickness

2. Box Logo embroidery

The Supreme Box Logo has a small stitching, neat stitching, and rounded letters. The hole in the middle of the "e" letter looks closer to an ellipse or a triangle. As shown below:

4. Collar

The most prominent feature is that the genuine Supreme collar is relatively tight, and the neckline is a bit "out of breath" compared to the general T-shirt. However, this can make the neckline not loose quickly, thus extending the life of the compassionate.

5. Swing ticket

Because of the different co-branding reasons, the swing ticket for supreme clothes is also different, and it is difficult for you to have a standard to distinguish. The picture below is for display only:

6. Cap rope

There is also a way to quickly identify the authenticity, such as the hooded sweater, the rope on the hat that most fake manufacturers ignore. Generally, a look at the length of the sling and the knot can eliminate most of the fake. The cap rope of real supreme is flat, and the fake one is round.

7. Packaging

Supreme's packaging looks very simple, its purpose is to promote environmental protection, so many tee packaging is no longer dust bags, but plastic bags. However, some styles of clothes still have dust bags, so it is not used as a basis for identification.

Because I am engaged in the clothing industry, I also have a say. Some things in Supreme are fixed production areas, such as good quality sweaters in Canada, wool caps in Korea, jackets, thin hoodies, etc. are all in China. But Made in China's washing tag seems to be one of the factors that many players dislike. With the innovation of factory technology, the diversification of fabrics, and the developed light industry, "Made in China" has long since got rid of cheap hats.

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