2020 SS Supreme x The North Face 2020 Market Analysis

-- Last updated date: 3/17/2020 --

Last night, all items of fake Supreme x The North Face 2020 SS Colletion were released in Europe and America for the first time. Especially on the US official website, we didn't even have the opportunity to compare hand speed. When you refresh the page, the moment you click the "Buy" button, the Supreme jackets and fleece jackets are out of stock. Therefore, this time, in addition to going to the scene to line up, you can only buy through resell people.

Now, let's talk about the current situation of the purchase and sale of this supreme and fleece jacket in the secondary market, and predict its future market trend.

# 1 RTG Jacket + Vest

Fake supreme Jacket is my favorite item. Although it does not have a particularly gorgeous appearance, it can enhance our temperament very well. Do not think that pure black is a common pronoun. This is not the case in the TNF joint colletcion. This time, the all-black charge jacket showed the street performance in front of us very well, and it is also the most popular color scheme. I think about the handsomeness of it, the following set of street pictures is very convincing.

In addition to black, bright red, bright green, golden and other colors are actually very easy to match and control. In the daily matching choices, you can make you very casual.

In the current secondary trading market, black is considered the most attractive style, so it has attracted many people to buy it. Its trading volume is also high, and it appears to be exceptionally prominent; the second is the yellow fake Supreme jacket. Moderate colors, but very easy to wear. Red and green may be because they are too dazzling.

Future trend forecast: At present, the market price of the supreme jacket has basically stabilized, and the price increase of each color scheme is not large. Now is a good opportunity for us to buy. Among them, black is definitely the most stable and value-preserving product, even for self-wearing players, it is very versatile. It's not wrong to make it the first choice; the yellow Supreme jacket is squinting, though not particularly stunning. Fortunately, the upper body effect is not bad, and there are not as many people buying black, the probability of hitting the shirt is smaller, and the price is more favorable; the bright red and bright green color schemes are relatively niche, and it is estimated that it takes a long time. Time can rise, only for friends who like them.

#2 RTG Fleece Jacket

Due to the high selling price of this supreme jacket, more people have shifted their goals to fleece jackets. As a result, fleece jackets have naturally become the hottest item this week, and none of them. Black looks the most stable and durable, and most people choose to start with. The second is bright red. This young color that is officially called "Rocket Red" by Supreme is very successful in this application, especially suitable for Asians. Below, let us first appreciate the actual upper body effect of this fleece jacket.

In the current secondary resale market, most people choose to start with a black fleece jacket, and the transaction volume is almost several times that of other colors. No. 2 is bright red. I think that it is the most unique color combination in this joint name, and it is not as widespread as black, so it is very cost-effective to start; it may be due to the golden and yellow last season logo fleece supreme jacket. There are some similarities, so they are not to be seen; and bright green is most likely because it is too difficult to control, so no one dares to buy it.

Future trend forecast: The market for fleece supreme jackets is the same as that of jackets, and it is stable now. Black is recognized as the most stable option, and its value preservation ability is considerable. Bright red should receive more attention and expectation. Although it does not have an outstanding performance like black, because of the upper body effect and face value, it must be in the later stage. It will rise slightly; golden and bright green is the two-color combinations with the smallest audience this time. If you like them, you are too lucky. Supreme the most cost-effective to start at this stage.

The above is the entire content of this issue. Although this North Joint Series is not as unique as previously expected, the actual upper body effect is worthy of us. Coupled with the fact that there is no particularly exaggerated price increase, buying from clothing is quite suitable. If you still have different opinions, welcome to post your ideas in the comment area at the bottom of the article and discuss it together.